A script created with youths from London's estates in Wandsworth, Ladbroke Grove and Portobello.

Contact: charlie@sunofhope.org


Nothing would be possible if Steve Mills of A1 Lofts, ecodesign 50 Degrees North and www.newstarttrust.com (also appropriately called NEST), which builds sustainable homes for African orphans, had not sponsored me.

You can sponsor an earth house for just 200 pounds as the resources consist of the earth and rock it is built on basically and it can be built in two days by a family of four. If cement is added to soil and the outside plastered it will last for decades.

For more info see the above website or phone:

Tracy Lukas 07963567368 // trackylukas@yahoo.co.uk or
Steve 07801450560 // 01932 880945


Steve was responsible also for the video 'African Children's Choir meet the Stars' with interviews from pupils at Jubilee High School Walton-on Thames who accomodate them when visiting to sing and dance. As part of my work I will be making a documentary about the links with African Children's Choir and Africans in London like legendary photographer Charlie Roots who pictured Martin Luther King amongst others. (Will he teach young man Warren Hutchinson about photography? ) The documentary has prompted the London Film Festival to suggest they showcase it at next years film festival.

I have also interviewed children from Regenerateuk who travel to Africa building homes for the orphans, giving 'at risk children' an opportunity to show how much they have to give and to see how lucky they are - one of the trips may be viewed on u-tube as well as Luke Clifford who has built a garage nr. Nairobi where he intends to take 6 London taxis through Spain and France to Africa to start a taxi company adjoined to his garage. Maybe the play will tour with workshops too.

Ewan McGregor has been informed and is naturally impressed.Will he perform? Or bike up to Edinburgh Festival with us or down to Africa?!! Mhairi Steenbock who performed opposite Ewan in 'Young Adam' could play the role of Lissie Strata who falls for Oblidob who encourages/infects the youth to sleep and dream to the government's irritation. Soon a war of words. Strata based on the ancient Greek Lysistrata who stopped a war by making all her girlfriends stop having conjugal relations with their partners until they made peace.

Perhaps Ewan could play the sleep-walking Oblidob based on the favourite Russian character Oblomov who would not leave his bed for melancholy after the Russian Revolution? In our story he leaves his bed first sleep-walking to Siberia to sleep with the bears; then sleepwalking through America via Alaska and then at last across the Atlantic to London where he finds an estate to sleep and hide.

Dedicated to the victims of violence/gun and knife crime as well as those who are trying to create a World March next year for peaceful and non-violent world www.marchamundial.org.

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