A script created with youths from London's estates in Wandsworth, Ladbroke Grove and Portobello.

Contact: charlie@sunofhope.org

Solenoid presents:

A script created with youths from London's estates in Wandsworth, (thanks to Regenerateuk ) Ladbroke Grove and Portobello. Some kids have been in Kenya and Zambia recently building homes for orphans that are in a traditional style so that this is not Western people imposing their culture. Think that work like this should be documented.

As one of the youths said to me recently:

"Not everyone can go to Africa but art can express and portray so much. It is a powerful tool for showing what happened."

So in that spirit I will try to take people on a journey using real life experience as does Jeremy (see grassmarketproject.org downloaded BBC IMAGINE docu.) which makes the audience feel they are in communion with the actors some of whom if they wish are drawing on their own experience. This could be called 'regenerated or recylced theatre' because in a way we are recycling people's lives so they can break with blocks, mental or emotional and move into a positive future. See also charleswiseman.co.uk


Two weeks ago Luke Clifford had a grand opening for the garage he has built in Kenya. In November he will return there. This project is to enable people to talk about themselves as well as learn to act and whether all are involved in a performance is not the only thing.

My work draws on Jeremy who influenced my earliest experience when he took homeless from Edinburgh to Paris, Dublin, Berlin.. and many other places showing me that theatre could still be relevant. Have since worked at the Young Vic, Berliner Ensemble and People's Stage in Berlin. Also worked as a Foreign Correspondent at the GUARDIAN

The Argentine philosopher Mario-Luis Cobos has also impacted on me with a meeting earlier this year. (www.silo.net) His books translated into over 20 languages are a poor people's or everyman's philosophy instead of an "ivory tower for an elite" which is why he has been translated so widely and a European centre of study of his work now set up near Rome. I was delighted to meet him and be warmly hugged as I told him that he influences me and that Ewan McGregor and Ken Branagh were now studying his work as a result of me. This year a documentary 'Silo the Sage of the Andes' has been made by Canadian documentarist Daniel Zuckerbrot.

Thus far I've met Warren, Kaya aka 'H20 the Fire' (on myspace), 'DangerDan', Luke, Jordan, Andy, Simon, Dwaine, Mc Angel, Nicole, Esther but who will be in the play? Then there is South African Luke Ngakane active at Edinburgh Festival whose grandfather was at school with Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu before leaving the country to come here..he will make this website. He also is interested in us touring the play to South Africa.

It is a matter of free expression for anyone who wants to develop acting skills. There are also pupils from Jubilee High School where the African Children's Choir stay twice a year.

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