A script created with youths from London's estates in Wandsworth, Ladbroke Grove and Portobello.

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'The sun behind a wall in a 'zone' is growing out of compassion.

The victims of violence and women and children who have been beaten, murdered or raped are able to pass through this "wall". Out of the sunsets and sunrises behind the wall older, more experienced women are able to heal the physical and psychic wounds of those who have just arrived and transform the blue,yellow, orange, red bruises and scars to dissolve into beautiful sunsets.

'A sun grows constantly in the zone. I will relate the story of an old African chief who has lived all his life in Soweto and wishes to build something more solid for his descendants. Stealing some bricks from a building site in Johannesberg where he used to work he then starts building a brick wall for his more 'permanent' home in Soweto; out of the wall he has started a black woman steps with a tear of sorrow in her eye, kisses him and takes him by the hand through it upon which the wall disappears. Has he found the 'Long road to Freedom' that Mandela spoke of? The African sun appears bigger than anywhere in the world probably because it isn't dwarfed by highrise buildings, even Ewan and Charley in 'Long Way Down' refers to it- massive on the horizon. But what is illusion and what is real? Maybe in reality the sun is growing in an inverse world. Our sun is apparently shrinking but if that is the case don't we have to invent and believe in one that is growing out of us healing ourselves, the poor on estates and in the Kibera slums..we can close our eyes and find a greater, warmer all-pervading light. I saw the Argentine Silo, who has built a cultural centre near Bomarzo, the 'ancient and mythical garden of the Sacred Wood' not far from Rome. He is the subject of a documentary 'The Sage of the Andes' and has stood convention on its head saying 'I am here for life's failures not the successful.'

"That great sun that grows with people's courage and inner strength."

Actually I was at Jubilee High School talking to some of the pupils who put up the African Children's Choir when they visit. They said the children from Africa spoke of that' great sun that grows with people's courage and inner strength.

Only humble people can walk through the wall into this other world' they said. It plays tricks on people's minds too. When the sandstorms drifted into London and the sand dunes filled Parliament Square the Prime Minister ..Tony Bomboloni and his cousin Gordon Brunelli who are ice-cream magnates from Edinburgh said that it was a mafia plot; an icecream war with prices rocketing. They were trying to melt the icecream. Some invisible enemy was trying to bring down the government.

Others of course said it was much more serious and that the people were doomed. What happened in Amarna? They build a city in the desert as their Pharaoh worshipped the sun as his father. Tel'El Amarna means the City of the Horizon of the Sun. All you would see when you woke in the morning was the sun and all you would see at dusk was the sun, the father going down. Maybe that is why in English and German son meaning boy of a man and sun meaning that yellow object in the sky are so similar.

Many think Moses was an early heretic who also worshipped one god a century after. By leaving Thebes and the old gods, however, according to the priests they had angered the gods.. The whole royal family who moves to Amarna died of a mysterious illness. So it was that in London people started to change the road signs for "Amarna - this way!" And so Tony Bomboloni had come into the streets of Parliament Square to share the pain, anxiety and fear of his people. Someone said "I've seen people, the homeless and their kids building sandcastles and then running with their buckets through a wall. They turn into butterflies as they pass through the wall.


Tony said: "If you see any suspicious looking butterflies or have any photographs on your mobiles send them to the police. There is no wall that people can pass through. It's not possible!" He presses the wall with his hand and to his shock passes through it.

Another myth about the wall is that it appears at times of war or famine like in Prague in 1968 or that it is made out of a collection of bricks that were all that remained of houses people lost in war-torn places. When a group of several hundred people met with their individual bricks to start building they found they could walk through it. The monsoons are created by the condensation of the largest mountain range in the world.

Do we need to find our own monsoons by being towers of wisdom, mountains to ourselves that create sufficient rain instead of insipid drought?

Do we need to be like rainforests creating oxygen for our children to breathe instead of the reverse?

Are you an oxygenator of the world?

This is a story you have to listen to and it will take time. 'The women and children are able to paint the sun with brighter and happier skyscapes as the slowly grow in strength. 'In this world meanwhile under the contradictory passions and irrationality of man the sky has apparently 'collapsed' or 'fallen'. The homeless are selling the magenta pieces of sunsets or the blue pieces of the sky along with pieces of the Berlin Wall and the government fears that it will be almost impossible to rebuild a sky at all if pieces of it are being sold to tourists. There is also a drought and sand being blown into Parliament Square which the government are trying to make out must be the result of homeless people literally absorbing the world's moisture as they are such 'spongers'. They even claim there is someone called a 'Spongeman!'

Others in government and elsewhere claim that the sand dune and beach in Parliament Square which has filled with women and children in mid-winter making sandcastles and lying on bathtowels is a result of some kind of irresponsibility towards the world around.Is the sand being blown in from Iraq or from sub-Saharan Africa? Is it from the desertification of our inner landscapes being avenged or punished?

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